There are many easy ways that you can lower your electric bill. Try these tips to start saving money immediately.

1. Replace normal lightbulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs. They will cost a little more up front but will save several dollars of electricity over the course of their life.
2. Turn off lights when you leave a room.
3. Lower your shades at night to trap heat inside a house. Windows are a giant heat sink so adding a little extra insulation helps prevent heat from escaping.
4. Put on a sweater Read the rest of this entry »

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End-line consumers who may find themselves unsure about what energy deregulation means for them would do well to learn more about the economic and environmental benefits that could be found through switching to a superior utility provider. Arranging to make use of more cost-effective home or Business Energy that has been produced using renewable resources could provide a wide range of important benefits that few consumers can afford to overlook. Investigating your options and making full use of a wider range of providers and services can allow you to create a more sustainable business as well as reduce your daily costs of operation.

Traditional markets where consumers have little choice regarding their utility providers can limit options and leave you with no choice but to pay a higher price for the power you need in terms of your home, business or other property. Failing to properly explore and consider your options could find you missing out on the chance to make use of a utility service that has far more to offer you in terms of your monthly rates and the environmental impact that your energy consumption may be causing.

Over-reliance on conventional energy sources and fossil fuels such as coal has created a looming energy crisis with far reaching consequences. Streamlining your business to make better use of energy conservation efforts and opportunities, as well as ensuring that you are able to do business with the right provider, can allow you to make more effective contribution towards addressing this issue and creating a more secure future. Consumers that fail to understand this matter and the opportunities that it may hold for them will be far less likely to make the most beneficial decisions possible. Switching to a greener utility service, especially one that may be able to provide you with a more competitive rate, may not be an issue you can leave to chance.

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We all love our electronics, from our smartphones to our Kindles and tablets. But sometimes traditional charging methods aren’t available. Here are ten cool gadgets that can help you power your favorite electronics.

1.Power your smartphone by hand-crank. Eton’s BoostTurbine2000 will give you 30 seconds of call time for about a minute of cranking.

2.The SolarFocus Kindle cover has a built-in solar panel that will power your Kindle while you read at the beach.

3.Try a solar Blue Tooth recharger for your car. Chances are, Read the rest of this entry »

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An excellent way to prepare for electric grid failure is to think of it as going camping. Make a list of what you need. Place essential supplies in one place. Determine the length of time you expect to be without power. You’ll need the basics including heat, food and water.

Carefully consider whether or not a generator is a good investment. A generator needs fuel and the fuel must be safely stored. Five gallons of gasoline provides electricity for three to eight hours. It’s not a long-term solution.

When choosing Read the rest of this entry »

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Drivers have been expecting electric vehicles to become popular for years, but electric vehicles still represent only a small fraction of the automobile market. While there are some substantial benefits to electric vehicles, there are some show-stopping drawbacks as well. Here some of the pros and cons of electric vehicles.

The electric motor is far more efficient than the internal combustion engine. When it is given a proper supply of energy, it beats the internal combustion engine in nearly all metrics. Read the rest of this entry »

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Fossil-fuels are used to power our cars, trains, and planes; we use them to power turbines to generate our electricity; we use them to manufacture plastics and rubbers and dyes and paints. In fact, it is quite likely that you could not find a single item in your entire house that was not manufactured without the use of hydrocarbon molecules in fossil-fuels. Without fossil-fuels, we do not have roads, computers, food, water, electricity, or houses, yet the technology we do have makes fossil-fuels completely unnecessary.

We have the ability to create photovoltaics that generate electricity Read the rest of this entry »

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Fusion, the dream power source of the future, is still a bit far into that future. Fusion is the the combining of light atoms to make heavier ones. Fusion produces low-level radioactive waste, that is considered safe after 50 years, very safe after 100 years, and not an issue after 300 years.
Fusion reactions require high heat and continual pressure. These are two of the problems for energy production. The heat needed is in excess of 1.8 million degrees Fahrenheit. Read the rest of this entry »

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